Things I’ve Learned

When I was a little girl my mother showed me much of what I use today in my kitchen. One of my first lessons was there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. One day I was in school and I offered to bring cookies the next day. My mother was excited and was already to help me mix up a batch. But I told her that “I” had offered and I wanted to make them. She was happy that I was willing to take the responsibility on myself and so she offered no further help. I had made cookies plenty of times with her so I was positive in my eight year-old sort of way that I would get it right. Well, wouldn’t you know, it turned out to be harder than I had thought? Instead of cute little cookies I ended up with melted pancakes. My mother explained that the next time I should refrigerate my dough. It makes your cookies keep their shape better while baking, so they won’t turn into pancakes. An hour should be long enough. The flattening happens when the butter is too warm, so it spreads the dough out before it can be cooked.
Personally Speaking

Invasion of the Moth

We have been having a little bit of cooler weather lately and I decided that I would get out the comforters. I am such a sucker for them, and the first opportunity that I have to use them I take it. So, while I could have waited a little bit longer I didn’t want to. And that is where the invasion comes in. I took them out of the spare upstairs bedroom that I use for storage space and when I opened the ceder chests that they are kept in I was greeted by a swarm of moths flying out. We collected them in big trash bags and took them outside and beat them clean. I was still uncertain if they were really moth free so I threw them in the drier and “cooked” them for a while. After that I was pretty comfortable with them and since we didn’t find and more signs of moth infestation in them or in the boxes I was pretty comfortable putting them on the beds. Where they came from is beyond me. We have only had a problem with them once years ago and I put moth repellent everywhere. Maybe I just need to freshen it up more frequently (I usually do it about once a year).