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We had been dealing with moths off and on for a month. I thought I had checked everything but obviously not. I mean, the spare bed room is not that big, nor did I think that there would be a food source for them. Well, I was wrong. We finally found their hold out it was a small fruit cake in a decorative tin. I can only imagine that it got swept up and stored without me even noticing it. I will admit that I had been in a real hurry this year so that just goes to show me to stop and take more time. I am sure that I will be able to laugh about this someday, many, many, many years in the future. I’m still finding some residual webs but I think that we have succeeded in clearing them out.
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Another Round

We have been going through this trouble with moths, and it is really seriously driving me crazy. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Live with them.

We were originally told that they were waxworms. But my father confirmed that they were most certainly not. And I think that the people who told us that, were either having a laugh at our expense, or they just didn't know what they are talking about, both options are possible.

But I am still struggling to figure out where they are coming from. It turns out that they are not coming out of the comforters we had in storage, though they do have a nest in the room somewhere.

So far we have been using pheromone traps to attract all the males and sends them to a sticky death so they cant fertilise the eggs.

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Wax Moths

So it looks like we had/have (I am still not sure if they are all gone) wax moths. At least that is what my husband was told at work. I honestly don’t see it. We had mothballs in the boxes so it should have kept them out. Which is why we’re getting the wax moth suggestions but looking them up, it seems like as their name suggests, it has to do with wax (bees’ wax) and yet I am still not certain. We actually do have hives on the property, my father keeps bees and he has some of his hives here. But when I told him about them, he was surprised and a little alarmed since he hasn’t had problems with them. I did read that they will colonize things like basements and such. Maybe I should try the paradichlorobenzene crystals that he suggested. Actually they are pretty interesting creatures.
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Invasion of the Moth

We have been having a little bit of cooler weather lately and I decided that I would get out the comforters. I am such a sucker for them, and the first opportunity that I have to use them I take it. So, while I could have waited a little bit longer I didn’t want to. And that is where the invasion comes in. I took them out of the spare upstairs bedroom that I use for storage space and when I opened the ceder chests that they are kept in I was greeted by a swarm of moths flying out. We collected them in big trash bags and took them outside and beat them clean. I was still uncertain if they were really moth free so I threw them in the drier and “cooked” them for a while. After that I was pretty comfortable with them and since we didn’t find and more signs of moth infestation in them or in the boxes I was pretty comfortable putting them on the beds. Where they came from is beyond me. We have only had a problem with them once years ago and I put moth repellent everywhere. Maybe I just need to freshen it up more frequently (I usually do it about once a year).