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Invasion of the Moth

We have been having a little bit of cooler weather lately and I decided that I would get out the comforters. I am such a sucker for them, and the first opportunity that I have to use them I take it. So, while I could have waited a little bit longer I didn’t want to. And that is where the invasion comes in. I took them out of the spare upstairs bedroom that I use for storage space and when I opened the ceder chests that they are kept in I was greeted by a swarm of moths flying out. We collected them in big trash bags and took them outside and beat them clean. I was still uncertain if they were really moth free so I threw them in the drier and “cooked” them for a while. After that I was pretty comfortable with them and since we didn’t find and more signs of moth infestation in them or in the boxes I was pretty comfortable putting them on the beds. Where they came from is beyond me. We have only had a problem with them once years ago and I put moth repellent everywhere. Maybe I just need to freshen it up more frequently (I usually do it about once a year).

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