London, OH

Hiking, Camping, and Ohio Parks

We left the kids with granma and went to Wildcat Hollow in Wayne National Forest and thought it was great. Didn’t see another human being the entire time. It was nice and very easy though we moved sites a lot. I have no problem with backpacking and taking everything with me from campsite to campsite, but I would also like options where I can set up a camp, hike out and then return to the site in the evening I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to drink the water but it was so clear and cool that it looked like you amost could. The friend of my husband that had suggested it said that the mining had made it bad. Mining can leave toxic heavy metals in the water table that cannot be treated with backpacking equipment. We cached some water about halfway and didn’t have a problem. The northern section of the backpacking loop was a bit over grown and I got a couple of ticks. But we saw nobody for over 9 hours. Got pretty close to a deer on the trail. I’m talking about the portion that is not around the lake but up by the remnants of the fire tower.
London, OH

What Puts Ohio on the Map

I bet you didn’t realize it but we are actually pretty central to many peoples’ lives. Here are some cool facts:
  • Ohio is the largest producer of Swiss cheese in the US
  • 2nd largest egg producer
  • 3rd in tomatoes
  • Has the largest ketchup production plant in the US located in Fremont and if you like French fried Heinz is a big deal….
And when we have the news on or I read a paper, any time I hear a story about someone stabbing their mother over a cheeseburger, I know it’s from Toledo. That’s Ohio in a buckeye shell.
London, OH

That Ohio Accent

I took a class with a girl from Dayton and she said I sounded like I was from the deepest South! I’m from a small town a little north of Columbus and having listened to recordings of my voice, there is a little bit of a drawl there, but I doubt if this girl had met actual Southerners. My father was a professor in Cleveland for many years but he grew up in the rural south. His accent lessened over the years and he always tried to enunciate. I usually don’t have much trouble with regional accents and have been exposed to a lot of various foreign visitors that speak limited English and understood them pretty well. There’s a historical basis to the accent you’re hearing in Dayton. From the 1920s to 1940s there was a massive migration from Eastern Kentucky to Southwest Ohio. If you’ve ever spent time in East Dayton, you’ll definitely hear the influence of Appalachia on the local accent. This is mentioned in the book Hillbilly Elegy bye the way. What you’re hearing is an Appalachian accent. It’s extremely common in our part of Ohio, especially in working class white neighborhoods.
London, OH

Pretty Little London

I love London and everything about it. It is the ideal place to raise a family. It is small, it has that hometown flair And it just so happens to be located less than 25 miles away from the state capital of Columbus. What more could you possible want? For those of you who are left scratching your heads, I am talking about London, Ohio. Our population is currently around 10,000 and I am sure that is a far cry from what you may have been expecting, but it is home to us in more ways than I care to list. Unlike a lot of other towns our size we have a lot of famous people. Mainly due to our close proximity to the capital. Some of them include:


  • Warren Amling — All-American Ohio State football player, and 1945 Heisman Trophy finalist
  • Satch Davidson — major league baseball umpire
  • Dick LeBeau — Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback for the Detroit Lions, current Tennessee Titans assistant head coach and defensive coordinater, and longtime former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator.
  • Rick Renick – professional baseball player and coach.


  • Clyde Tingley — former governor of New Mexico
  • Jeriah Swetland — Ohio state representative
  • Richard A. Harrison — U.S. Representative from Ohio


But we have to much more to offer than that and I want to share every bit of it with you.
London, OH

Come to Ohio

“Common sense normal thinking Americans, they should stand up and tell the extremes left/right to either contribute be constructive or go away, I mean think about this, this is the U.S.A and we are putting kids and young people who are contributors in jeopardy this is not the America that we all love”
I am happy that our state governor just so happens to be John Kasich.