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Wax Moths

So it looks like we had/have (I am still not sure if they are all gone) wax moths. At least that is what my husband was told at work. I honestly don’t see it. We had mothballs in the boxes so it should have kept them out. Which is why we’re getting the wax moth suggestions but looking them up, it seems like as their name suggests, it has to do with wax (bees’ wax) and yet I am still not certain. We actually do have hives on the property, my father keeps bees and he has some of his hives here. But when I told him about them, he was surprised and a little alarmed since he hasn’t had problems with them. I did read that they will colonize things like basements and such. Maybe I should try the paradichlorobenzene crystals that he suggested. Actually they are pretty interesting creatures.

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